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Our Officers Are Trained To A Higher Standard
OSHA General Industry Certified

Prefense Security Training Services

Prefense security offers training for individuals or groups in many fields.

  • Individual Lessons
  • CCW Classes
  • Basic Handgun
  • Advanced Tactical Handgun
  • Basic Shotgun
  • Advanced Shotgun
  • Low light shooting - night shooting
  • Close-quarter combat
  • Indoor\Outdoor Tactics
  • Vehicle Tactics
  • G License Classes
  • Four Hour G License 
  • Womans Self Defense
  • Kal - JDJ Classes, stick edged weapons
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Refuse to be a victom seminars
  • Martial Arts Instruction
  • NRA Handgun Law Instruction
  • Civilian Firearm Instruction
  • Certified Chief Range Safety Officer



Prefense Security

Protecting People, Property, Communities and Business

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