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OSHA General Industry Certified

Steve HedrickSteve Hedrick

  • Vice President
  • Director of Training
  • Director of Executive Protection

Steve Hedrick started in the field of private security in 1991 at the Este Lauder estate before becoming an armed patrol officer for the Martin Downs developments. Steve was later employed as an investigator with Attorney Willie Gary from 1998 through 2001. Since then, Steve has worked as a licensed bail agent and has conducted over 100 fugitive apprehensions.

Steve is also an owner and partner of the Prefense Investigations, LLC, a private investigation agency on South Florida. The agency specializes in working with and assisting attorneys with both civil and criminal cases. Cases from non-attorneys are reviewed for possible acceptance on a case by case basis. Steve has also done executive protection for numerous celebrities.

Steve Hedrick Director:

    • A Lifetime shooter and hunter
    • 20 years Experience as a licensed bail bond agent
    • 18 years Experience as Florida licensed security officer
    • Experience as executive protection agent
    • Licensed Private Investigator
    • 25 years Kali Ascima JKD concepts Muay Thai boxing Gracie jujitsu Under Victor Ferreros /Inosanto academy

Teaching Experience:

    • 3 years Village green gun range civilian instructor
    • 15 years civilian pistol Instructor
    • Florida armed security officer instructor
    • 25 years martial arts instructor
    • Women’s self defense instructor
    • Refuse to be a victim instructor
    • Range safety officer classes various locations
    • Lowlight/night shooting multiple classes
    • Intro to tactical handgun multiple classes

Background: Specialized Weapons Training

    • Randy Cain multiple tactical hand gun classes
    • Randy Cain multiple intermediate handgun classes
    • Randy Cain multiple close quarter tactics classes
    • Randy Cain Indoor tactics
    • Randy Cain Handgun instructor development School
    • Randy Cain Tactical shotgun class
    • Kyle Lamb VTAC advanced handgun class
    • Steve Tarani Protective agents class
    • Steve Tarani Preventative defense class
    • Certified NRA law enforcement handgun instructor
    • Certified NRA law enforcement tactical shooting instructor handgun/patrol rifle
    • NRA civilian handgun instructor
    • NRA life endowment member
    • NRA business alliance member
    • NRA personal protection inside the home instructor
    • NRA chief range safety officer/Range safety officer instructor
    • Osha 30 hour general industry certified
    • Certified ASP baton/handcuff instructor
    • Florida K License firearm instructor Pistol/ Shotgun
    • Pressure points control tactics




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